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Or, more specifically, that going outside the partnership for sex does not necessitate a forfeiture of it.“I was at a practice where we would meet every week, six to eight therapists in a room for teaching purposes and to bring up new things coming into therapy that weren’t there before,” says Lair Torrent, a New York-based marriage and family therapist.In fact, Leah and Ryan are noticing a trend that’s been on the radar of therapists and psychologists for several years now.Termed “The New Monogamy” in the journal it’s a type of polyamory in which the goal is to have one long-standing relationship and a willingness to openly acknowledge that the long-standing relationship might not meet each partner’s emotional and sexual needs for all time.“I remember the first night, I was telling him about my difficulty with monogamy,” she says.

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Neither of them had had an open relationship before, though it was something that Leah had contemplated.

I have couples that have closed relationships or open relationships depending on how they feel about the relative health of their relationship.

It’s not so dogmatic.” It’s worth noting that their arrangement was ultimately Leah’s idea.

And we were all forced to share a bed which was uncomfortable.

I realize that Cat sells a dream and so many fall for it.

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