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He continued to make threats to the victim and punched him.

Maidstone Crown Court was told he was in the exercise yard with others at HMP Cookham Wood in Rochester in April last year when he grabbed the victim around the neck and threatened him with an “improvised” plastic knife with tissue wrapped around the handle.The former French President, Nicolas Sarkozy, agreed to take Lahmar in April 2009 and he moved to Bordeaux later that year.The French official said Lamar, at 48, is the oldest of the four men and two women who were arrested and said that there were no indications the group was plotting an attack.Prison officers were unable to intervene as Kieran Betteridge beat and kicked his 16-year-old victim, made him strip completely and carry out various humiliating acts.As well as forcing the boy to perform star jumps while naked, Betteridge at one point ordered him to urinate and then drink it on the ground.

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