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)But did you know that Beyoncé's video was in fact influenced by a 1960s performance on the Ed Sullivan Show?

Gwen Verdon's trio of brightly colored chicks synced their moves to "Mexican Breakfast," choreographed by Bob Fosse.

By Christie Griffin Beyoncé's infectious "Single Ladies" song and music video have inspired tons of people to mimic the sassy dance moves.

(Remember when even Justin Timberlake busted out his booty shake on Saturday Night Live?

Being the Fireside Girls Troop Leader, Isabella is a very capable leader.

She is level-headed and responsible in the face of emergencies and dislikes being told what to do by anyone, with the exception of Phineas.

Her friendship with Phineas has somewhere along the way deepened into love and he is now her crush.

As sweet and adorable as Isabella is, she gets angry fairly easily.

One way her temper has been flared was when someone besides her or Phineas would use her catchphrase.

According to NPR, Beyoncé first discovered the performance when she saw the "Walk It Out" parody from a couple of years ago."Single Ladies" is completely contagious.."Mexican Breakfast" will make you cheer for those saucy gals in the '60s.

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