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Although she survived, Tina was beaten unconscious by Rob when she threatened to report him to the authorities about his dodgy dealings. Tina was unaware that the receptionist there who she had been having trouble with was David's mum Gail.

The pair started dating and within a week of the relationship, she had sex with David at his house, taking his virginity.

Tina moved into No.8 and got a job at Jerry's Takeaway in Victoria Street.

She also visited David while incarcerated and the pair got back together upon his release.

Tina was helped through her depression by Graeme Proctor but during a marriage sham he left for London with her friend Xin Chiang.

Tina's next big romantic interest was Tommy Duckworth.

The pair began dating in 2012, but over the next couple of years their relationship was put to the test when Tina became a surrogate for the Windass-Armstrong family unit, then putting up David when his wife Kylie kicked him out; resulting in Tommy leaving.

From November 2013 to May 2014 Tina was involved in an on-off affair with Peter Barlow, which came about due to her close bond with his son Simon .

In the middle of her testimony, Tina decided she couldn't lie for David and said that David started the fight. In the aftermath of the court case, Tina broke once again broke up with David.He was sentenced to four months in Larchfield Young Offenders Institute.In May, Tina fell out with her mum and got sacked from her job at the pound shop for poor timekeeping.He subsequently found out that Joe had been putting pressure on Tina because he had a kitchen deal with Len Windass, which had saved his ailing business. Throughout early 2009, Tina was stunned to discover that her father had began a secret relationship with Gail Platt, who was the mother of Tina's boyfriend David.Both Tina and David were shocked and embarrassed by them and refused to acknowledge them as a couple.

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