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This song is about prospering in the game, the criticism and desperation that comes with fame, and the required ability to endure oncoming obstacles."Fly" is a song by American rapper and singer Nicki Minaj from her debut studio album, Pink Friday (2010).

Rihanna, “Lemon”It seems inconceivable that Rihanna and Pharrell’s paths had never crossed in the studio. Just when you thought Beyoncé had the monopoly on lemonade, here comes Rih rapping her face off on “Lemon.” I said !Cardi rightfully uses her turn as a victory lap, declaring herself “the trap Selena” — inspiration for a new generation of the underrepresented — after dismissing any perceived beef with Nicki.If this is Cardi’s final verse of the year (her debut album seems not quite ready), I’ll take it. Is it because she sounds like the ideal mashup between an EDM pleasure algorithm and an actual human being? (One line, “Tell the paparazzi get the lens right,” apparently dates back to at least 2015, so this collaboration was long in the making.) Rihanna is swagger personified, and this song, assisted by swag king Pharrell’s New Orleans bounce-based beat, is just how swagger sounds. Selena Gomez, “Wolves”What is it about Selena Gomez’s voice that makes her such a perfect companion for a slickly produced pop DJ banger?

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