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So the initial effort of learning the basic, standard tools can be a good investment. Use Async Task and show the download progress in a dialog" does connection.connect(); then Input Stream input = new Buffered Input Stream(Stream()); code makes 2 connections to the server.Download Manager is part of the OS, which means it will always be available in GB and cannot be uninstalled. I have managed to change this behavior by updating the code as follows Input Stream input = new Buffered Input Stream(Input Stream()); i wish android documentation was this concise.Edit: since set Progress is protected and final, your Swing Worker will have to have a public method that the other class can call, and in this method the Swing Worker will need to call its own set Progress(...) method.// declare the dialog as a member field of your activity Progress Dialog m Progress Dialog; // instantiate it within the on Create method m Progress Dialog = new Progress Dialog(Your Activity.this); m Progress Message("A message"); m Progress Indeterminate(true); m Progress Progress Style(Progress Dialog.

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There are lots of things you have to keep in mind if you want your app to be robust.

Conveniently, "For performance purposes, all these invocations are coalesced into one invocation with the last invocation argument only." Your question is a bit vague, but it sounds to me like you want the progress bar to show progress for a specific running method, which I'll call the "work()" method.

Unfortunately, there's no way to just pass a reference to your method to a progress bar - your method needs to explicitly tell the progress bar what to display.

This method is awesome, you do not have to worry about downloading the file manually, handle threads, streams, etc. HONEYCOMB) Destination In External Public Dir(Environment. DIRECTORY_DOWNLOADS, "name-of-the-file.ext"); // get download service and enqueue file Download Manager manager = (Download Manager) get System Service(Context.

Ginger Bread brought a new feature: Download Manager which allows you to download files easily and delegate the hard work to the system. DOWNLOAD_SERVICE); manager.enqueue(request); Download progress will be showing in the notification bar.

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