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i love typing things up and i love meeting new people. I just want to make some new friends, knowing how's life on other parts of the world, exchange cool postcards / little gifts and I'm currently trying to learn German and Polish so I wouldn't mind some help, I can surely help learning French and Arabic so don't hesitate to ask .. I have so much to say and yet i remain quiet most of the time.

:) Hi, I'm a teacher and researcher from Tunisia. I work also as technical translator (arabic, french, english) and as freelance real estate agent. I need someone whol listen to my midnight ranting and reply to my early good mornings. Someone who doesnt judge based on age, gender,race or physical characteristics. But more specifically, im interested...l am a chief who is itrested in knowing other cultures.

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Can the self-directed learning be replicated in the structure of an educational system – or even should it?

Integrating Groups and Grannys into Education Building on his experiments, Professor Mitra has developed “Self Organised Learning Environments” (SOLE) in 10 schools in India.

Typically, a SOLE is a ‘room’ located in the school premises with 9 computers in clusters of 3 which facilitates 4 children per computer interacting with the other 2 computer terminal groups as well within their group.

These children are connected to a “mediator” via Skype, who reads stories, converses, sings, and generally participates with the children.

It will be interesting to see what the SOLE experiments in schools achieve, vs.

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