Who is mandy murders dating

This album, to me, has the deepest lyrics, and the best vocals.

It's a very emotional album as well, with Ronnie mentioning his mother leaving him, his father, and his brother who was on drugs.

When the band plays into their comfort zone of slightly rougher-than-average pop punk like "Situations" and "Reverse This Curse," I think that's where they sound best.

There aren't a lot of songs like those here, though.

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"Fatherhood comes with responsibilities that go far beyond shooting sperm into a V hole.

But objectively, this is one of the better albums in that style.

I'm still not a huge fan of the genre, and I probably won't listen to this album (or this band) a whole lot of times ever again, but in no way is this a terrible album.

Definitely my go-to album when I need to cry or relax.

This genre isn't my style of punk, but I would say that I enjoyed more moments than I hated.

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